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About Me 

I considered keeping with the theme of "us" and "we" page.  But really, this is all me in the forefront.  I am Artsy Arrow Designs, I am who you will talk to, and I will be the designer from start to finish on your project.  

Who am I?  My name is Tammy Melton.  My husband, Scott and I own several small businesses.  We are entrepreneurs. And have been since 1997, which our first business, Black Bear Pontoons & Fabrication.  This is still our corporation that we run all our business through to this day.  


A brief rundown of my life of businesses:

1996 - Black Bear Pontoons - Custom built inflatable pontoon boats for fishing

1999 - - Wholesale fishing rod blanks

2006 - Northwest HydroPrint - Hydrographic and custom coatings

2007 - - Custom camo rings and jewelry

2015 - Slow Water Rods - Camo Rod blanks and components for fishing

2018 - Artsy Arrow Designs.....

So, why venture into designing custom stuff for folks?

Well, simply because I love it. And I get asked to do it constantly.  

I have donated my time to create awards for local clubs for the past 5 years.

I have surrounded myself with really cool equipment!  I have the computer knowledge and know-how to create anything from logos to custom signs,

to awards of all kinds.

I am self taught and spend hours learning my craft.

My strengths are thinking outside the box.  Creating stuff that no one has seen.  Solving problems and being the first.

I love to help customers ideas become reality.  

The tools I use:

- 60w CO2 Epilog Laser with rotary option

- 15" and 25" Vinyl Cutters

- 3D Printer

- 3D Sublivent machine for sublimation

- 16" Flat press

- 19" Sublimation printer

- 19" Photographic Printer

- 24" Photographic Printer

- 42" Wide format UV printer

- Alps thermal printer (prints silver and golds) 

- Powder coating booth and walk in oven

- Full Hydrographic coating facility with two tanks

- Paint booth - Charcoal filtration cause we care

- Cerakote painting system

- Lathe

- Basic woodworking tools

- Rotary Ring engraver

- My own brain - best tool ever, never stops!

While I will be the designer and doing most of the hands on stuff, my wonderful husband Scott will be at my side for other projects from "his" side of the business. Which is a lot of stuff!  He is also one of my strengths and I could not have done all this without him.  

So, if you are looking for something different, please, call, email, text, whatever you want.  Let me get that idea in your head to become a reality.  

Thanks, Tammy



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